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QuietTime® ProRecord - The ultimate Silent and Hybrid Piano System

Designed for and by musicians!

Designed by and for musicians, the new ProRecord Optical Key Sensor System is perfect for the professional user and generally for users looking for a system that can match and even surpass the performance of any factory fitted system in the market today. The system is available as MIDI only system called ProRecord or as complete Silent System called QuietTime ProRecord. Both systems turn your piano into a digital/acoustic hybrid piano with USB, MIDI and in case of QuietTime ProRecord with Silent Piano functions. Learn to play, compose, create sheet music or capture your own performances right at your piano.

You can install QuietTime in virtually all instruments, even years after the original purchase. If a system is installed, the user can mute his piano and listen to his playings without distracting his neighbours (QuietTime ProRecord) or connect his piano to a computer to create music sheets (ProRecord MIDI only and QuietTime ProRecord). QuietTime ProRecord and ProRecord MIDI only are delivered with a touch-less, reliable and long-lasting sensor technology. The sensor rail is mounted under the keys of the piano or the grand piano and on the instrument’s pedals. 88 sensors fitted beneath your keys and up to 3 pedal sensors measure the strength of all the keystrokes and generate the appropriate general MIDI data. Furthermore, a mute rail catches the hammers before they strike the piano strings. Of course the mute rail is movable for the piano to be played normally as well.


QuietTime® ProRecord / ProRecord MIDI only

The best features of the silent- and MIDI-technology:

  1. Completely touch-less sensor system for the keys and the pedals
  2. Creating MIDI data, as close to the original piano performance as never before.
  3. Concerning QuietTime ProRecord: a professional piano sound produced by the new QuietTime ProRecord synthesizer as well as over 80 additional sounds.


ProRecord MIDI only - characteristics:

tl_files/imgs/produkte/ProRec MIDI only Front.jpg

  • Available for upright and grand pianos
  • Practicle design, easy control via front panel or app
  • Touch-less key and pedal sensor system for 88 Tasten und up to 3 pedals
  • Immune to unexpected incidence of light
  • High-speed scanning for better accuracy
  • Recording and playback functions for 10 songs with 10.000 notes/song
  • Playback with adjustable speed 0,5 up to 2x
  • Auto/manual key depth management
  • Proportional pedal mode can be activated by user
  • USB MIDI connection

QuietTime® ProRecord - additional characteristics:

  • tl_files/imgs/produkte/QT ProRec Front 2.jpgProfessional piano sound
  • 87 more Sounds
  • Sympathetic string and damper resonance
  • Key-off/Key-release sound effect for piano and harpsichord sounds
  • Effects: Reverb, Chorus, Delay, Touch Volume, Pitch and Transpose
  • Metronome with selectable tempos, beat and volume levels
  • 10 Demo-songs
  • 128 note polyphony
  • 2 headphone connections (3.5mm-jack)
  • Stereo headphones
  • Piano mute rail for grand or upright piano
  • Casing available in black and white**

ProRecord MIDI only  and QuietTime® ProRecord - Technichal data

Basic equipment:

  • ProRecord MIDI only control unit / QuietTime ProRecord synthesizer
  • Key sensor system
  • Power Supply 100-240 Volt, 50-60Hz
  • Piano mute rail for grand or upright piano ***
  • Stereo headphones ***


tl_files/imgs/zubehoer/ProRecord Sensor.JPG

Key sensor rail

  • Key sensor system 88 notes, touch-less
  • 3 pedal sensors, touch-less


  • DREAM dual digital sound processor ***


  • Space for 10 x 10.000 MIDI events (notes)

Connections / Control elements:

  • USB MIDI connection
  • ON-OFF switch
  • 2 or 4 keys for the operation
  • Audio-Out (2 x Cinch) ***
  • 2 headphone connections (3.5mm-jack) ***

Power supply

  • 120 Volt / 60 Hz AC (North America)
  • 220-230 Volt / 50Hz AC (outside of America)

Options / Supplementary equipment

  • Powered speakers
  • Second pair of stereo headphones


PianoDisc reserves the right to change product design and specifications at any time without prior notice.

** Please ask for availability of white casing

*** Only QuietTime ProRecord