PianoDisc Europe launches individual music service

It's unbelievable, it is your wife's birthday and her only wish is that your PianoDisc system shall play a certain song for her birthday party ... and right that song can not be found in PianoDisc's standard music library ... here is the solution


New generation QuietTime silent systems

QuietTime GT-2 mini and QuietTime Magic Star V5 - one significant step forward in the field of silent technology for retrofitting in pianos. Contact us now - we will be pleased to provide you with the contact details of a qualified dealer in your area.


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QuietTime Silent- and MIDI Systems


Playing the piano - just for you alone

The tone of a piano is wonderful - however sometimes it is time for peace and quiet. Regardless whether you are just starting your career as a major pianist or even it is clearly too late at night. Play a duet with your piano teacher wihout being disturbed by the environment. Enjoy the Magic Moments Of Silence with QuietTime.

The QuietTime Mute rail

The QuietTime mute rail was constructed that way, that an easy operation and functionality are warranted. By pulling a lever, a mute rail is activated which comes between the pianos' hammers and its strings. Your instrument can also be played as a Silent Piano, normal piano or an acoustic piano with accompaniment.

Ability to retrofit

The big advantage of the QuietTime System is that it can be installed in virtually all instruments, even years after the original purchase. If you want to purchase a new piano with a muting, the QuietTime leaves you absolutely free to choose a specific brands, designs or colors. QuietTime makes every  piano into an all-rounder.

Here you can use your system

  • At home
    Practise your piano day and night, at any volume without disturbing anyone else!
  • Recording studio und home recordings
  • Record your play with the home hi-fi system
  • Restaurants, bars and hotels
    Distribute the sound of a live concert evenly throughout the different rooms.
  • Music schools
    Mute your instrument and listen to your playing through your headphones. With QuietTime you can play a duet or your piano teacher can listen to you as well
  • Churches
    Use the QuietTime Systems to delight your church via your hi-fi system or powered speakers with the piano sound.