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PianoDisc iQ Flex System

iQ Flex – the audio player you already have makes your piano or grand piano play.

Do you need even more flexibility? No problem. iQ Flex connects your existing audio player to your piano – whether it is an iPod, CD player, computer, PlayStation or your MP3 player.

The system includes:

  • PianoDisc iQ Flex player system
  • Several hours of pre-selected PianoDisc music (30 PianoCD albums and 16 PianoVideos)
NetBook Apple iPod Touch iQ DVD Player

iQ Flex is the basis of all iQ player system packages. The system includes the electronic equipment required for your piano to be played electronically such as 88 solenoids to play all the piano keys, a solenoid to operate the right hand pedal and, for the grand piano, the set also contains a metal cover for the electronics as well as an ingenious hoisting apparatus which retains the function of the grand piano's pedals unchanged, even after assembly.

Our guarantee: your piano will only be changed in a manner essential for the installation. Therefore all system components will be attached to parts of the instrument that don't take part in sound production - this means that the procedure does not damage the instrument in terms of sound, nor with regard to conservation of value.

The PianoDisc iQ series uses the patented SilentDrive technology to play your favourite music on the piano at different volume settings and always with full expression.

The iQ Flex system is designed for customers who already have an iPod, a CD player, a computer, a PlayStation or another kind of audio playback machine, which they would like to use to operate the iQ Flex player system. This is all you will need in order to operate your piano with the built-in iQ Flex system - a straightforward audio player.

Requirements of the audio player to be used:

  1. Playback possibility for stereo audio in CD quality
  2. Audio out connector with adjustable volume (such as headphones socket)
  3. The possibility of loading and playing back music CDs or music MP3 files

The iQ Flex system is delivered with 30 factory-installed music albums in MP3 format and 16 videos in MPEG4 format on a backup DVD. This ensures your first 30 hours of listening pleasure!

If you would like to playback MIDI files on your piano, there are two ways to do this:

  1. Send the MIDI Data to the iQ system via the MIDI IN connection on the system
  2. Use PianoDisc's MusiConnect software to convert your MIDI files into the PianoDisc stereo audio format - you can then simply play them with the audio player of your choice, to make your piano play.

In the PianoDisc online shop, it is easy to buy more music which you can download onto your PC using the MusiConnect Software. MusiConnect extracts the music and transfers it to iTunes® - the straightforward self-explanatory software from Apple® for managing your music. With iTunes you can then transfer your favourite music to your MP3 player OR burn an audio CD to use in your CD player.

The system can be expanded to include the following features if desired:

  • Loudspeakers
  • Recording rail with MIDI OUT and PianoDisc audio format OUT
  • QuietTime System with MIDI OUT and silent feature


For further information, please contact PianoDisc Europa or your local PianoDisc specialist retailer.

PianoDisc reserves the right to change product design and specifications at any time without prior notice.