PianoDisc Europe launches individual music service

It's unbelievable, it is your wife's birthday and her only wish is that your PianoDisc system shall play a certain song for her birthday party ... and right that song can not be found in PianoDisc's standard music library ... here is the solution


New generation QuietTime silent systems

QuietTime GT-2 mini and QuietTime Magic Star V5 - one significant step forward in the field of silent technology for retrofitting in pianos. Contact us now - we will be pleased to provide you with the contact details of a qualified dealer in your area.


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QuietTime- Mute Rail - Description

The QuietTime mute rail can be installed supplementary in almost every upright or grand piano. Independently if the it is a new or a used instrument.

The QuietTime mute rail was constructed that way, that an easy operation and functionality are warrented.

It mutes the acoustic sound of the piano while an iron angle, provided with industry foam catches the hammers before they strike the piano strings.

The mute rail will be activated by moving a small lever beneath the finger board.

With the QuietTime mute rail your instrument can be played as a Silent Piano or a normal acoustic piano.

The installation of the QuietTime mute rail causes the least possible change on your upright or grand piano, especially in reference to the release.

PianoDisc reserves the right to change product design and specifications at any time without prior notice.