About PianoDisc

PianoDisc is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of player piano systems, with a dealer network that literally spans the globe.

The company was founded in 1988, and in very short order became one of the most successful, innovative and influential companies in the music products industry.



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QuietTime Silent and MIDI Systems

Practise your piano day and night, at any volume without disturbing anyone else.

PianoDisc Player Piano Systems

PianoDisc fits into virtually any piano, grand or upright and new or used.

PianoDisc Pianos

Grand & Upright pianos with self-playing & silent functions

Mason & Hamlin Pianos

Glorious. Magnificent. Inspirational. Mason & Hamlin – exalted as the world's finest piano.

WNG Action Parts

An action like you've never played before